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  • Fleas are a year-round problem in the Bay Area due to our temperate climate and preventatives need to be used accordingly.


  • Flea prevention for your pet should be used as indicated by the product label; most often this is once every 3-4 weeks. There are topical (applied to the skin) and oral (given by mouth) products available. We carry several options:
    • Frontline Plus - topical (fleas and ticks) for dogs
    • Advantage II - topical (fleas) for cats
    • Nexgard - oral (fleas and ticks) for dogs
    • Comfortis/Trifexis - oral (fleas) for dogs
    • Revolution - topical (flea and tick) for cats
    • Cheristin - topical (flea) for cats


  • NEVER USE DOG ONLY PRODUCTS ON CATS! Be cautious of using off brand products as many are much less effective than the brand name products.


  • All animals in the house, including indoor only pets, need to be treated


  • Environmental treatment should be considered in cases when the flea prevention seems inadequate. Treated areas should include anywhere the pets has access, including bedding, furniture and all floors. Outdoor areas should also be treated. There are both products you can use to treat the environment and services that can come to your home. We specifically recommend Flea Busters for products and services.


  • If fleas aren’t treated some consequences are: anemia (low red blood cells), infectious diseases i.e. feline haemotrophic mycoplasma, tapeworm infestation (often seen as rice or sesame seed sized segments stuck in the fur under the tail or on bedding), and skin infections, as well ITCHING! Fleas can also carry diseases that affect people.



If you have further questions, please contact us. We are here to help!