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We've been a trusted member of the community since Dr. Charles Smith opened our doors in 1965. We've changed a bit over the years, but we've been providing our neighbors and their pets with our best care ever since. We've always made it our goal to put our clients at ease when they bring their pets to see us - we like to treat folks like they are family. Some of our clients have been coming to see us for so long that they practically are family. We see their pets, their kids' pets, their grandkids' pets, and even some of their great grandkids' pets... what an honor!

Since the beginning, our other goal has been to offer the highest quality medical care that we can for our patients. Good communication and education allows us to work as partners with our clients.  Focusing on client education helps our clients to feel confident in making the best decisions for their pet whatever their situation may be. Over the years, our reputation has grown and the number of our friends in the neighborhood has grown too. We love what we do and people know it when they visit us. We love being a part of the community and enjoy knowing that our clients value and trust us. It is the most wonderful compliment when our clients recommend us to their friends and family.
Our staff is second to none. The level of knowledge, dedication, compassion, and expertise each staff member brings to our hospital is amazing! Everyone here embodies our goals. We have followed in Dr. Smith's footsteps and kept our patients' best interest at heart. Everything we do, everything we have ever done, is for our clients and their pets - no more, no less.

We offer a full compliment of Veterinary Medical Services for cats and dogs.


Standard diagnostic services include :


General practice examinations

Annual wellness examinations

In hospital blood chemistry analysis

Extensive external laboratory offerings

General x-ray on premises

Digital dental x-ray on premises

Domestic and international health certificates

Microchip identification


Advanced diagnostic services include:


Internal medicine consultations

Orthopedic consultations

Thoracic and abdominal ultrasound

Certified OFA x-rays for breeding

Endoscopic examinations


Other offerings:


Soft tissue surgery

Some bone surgery

Dental cleaning & extractions

Oncology (chemotherapy) services