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Online Pharmacy Policy


When a prescription cannot be filled by Sequoia through our pharmacy or online store, Vet's First Choice, we will provide a written script for you to pick up or that can be mailed to you upon request. You may then choose the pharmacy of your choice to fill your prescription.

This policy was established in order to provide our clients with reasonable options while maintaining our goal of providing excellent service and quality products. We have chosen to work directly with this online pharmacy and other human pharmacies that we trust through long term experience with their medications they dispense.

With so many online pharmacies available and our uncertainty of their quality, we cannot work directly with all of them. This is not to say that these pharmacies are not legitimate, or legal, but we do not have that assurance.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have issued warnings regarding online pharmacies and their legitimacy, to include:

  1. Illegal dispensing of drugs not issued for use in the United States.
  2. Some guarantees from the manufacturer are null and void and will not be honored.
  3. Some medicines are fake, expired, or not FDA-approved.
  4. Medications may not be labeled, stored, or shipped correctly.


Other good sites with information regarding the cautions of using online pharmacies include:

  • Food and Drug Administration - FDA